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Terms & Conditions for Use of this Web Site

Witherspoon & Company, Inc. d/b/a Witherspoon Security Consulting (hereinafter referred to as "Witherspoon Security") is proud to offer this Web site of information and opinion by the author in the attached articles (hereinafter referred to as "Materials").


Any use of the Materials on the Web site, including but not limited to reading, printing, downloading, or linking to, or in any other way using the Materials, indicates that you agree to the conditions below. If you do not agree to all these conditions, you may not read or otherwise use these Materials.


Witherspoon Security reserves the right to add to, modify or delete from the Materials on this Web site at any time, or remove or delete pages or articles in their entirety with no obligation to notify any who might use or reference them.


1. Legal Notice.

Witherspoon Security encourages you to read and use these Materials, but you must assume any and all responsibility for doing so. While Witherspoon Security has used its best efforts to present and maintain the information provided on or linked to this Web site, we do not warrant that it is complete or accurate, as such information is constantly subject to new or changing facts or interpretations, government rulings and regulations, or other events. Witherspoon Security and anyone associated with it are not responsible nor liable for any use you make of these Materials.

2. Disclaimer.

The author of the Materials contained on this Web site and any linked pages is not an attorney, and none of the Materials contained herein should be considered as legal advice. The general statements made on this Web site and any linked pages are not substitutes for legal and/or professional security advice on specific situations or issues.


We do not assume, and hereby specifically disclaim, any and all liability to any person or entity with respect to any loss, damage, personal injury or death alleged to have been caused by any error or omission contained herein, or by any use of any of the information or Materials contained on this Web site or any linked pages.

3. Copyright.

Witherspoon Security reserves all rights, worldwide, of the Materials on this Web site.

4. Conditional Quote Permission.

Witherspoon Security encourages journalists and others to quote from these Materials, so long as the circumstances of the quote prominently display the author's name and the following: "Mr. Witherspoon is President of Witherspoon Security Consulting in Cleveland, Ohio." Further, a copy of the publication in which the quote appears must be delivered to Witherspoon Security within 10 days after publication or distribution. (See Contact page.)

5. Restrictions.

Nothing on this Web site or any linked page shall constitute advertising, or an offer to perform services in any country, state or political subdivision where such advertising or services are regulated or require specific licensing or registration. No Materials on this Web site or any linked page may be used anywhere such use is prohibited or taxed. Witherspoon Security reserves the right at any time to revoke any permission granted by this agreement, either for a specific instance or generally.

6. Disputes.

All disputes and legal questions concerning this Web site and these Materials shall be resolved under the laws of the State of Ohio (U.S.A.), and venue and jurisdiction for any claims or disputes arising out of or relating thereto shall lie in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Nothing herein shall be construed to violate any law or ordinance. If any clause is found to violate any law or ordinance in any jurisdiction, then it is struck with respect to that jurisdiction, and all other clauses shall continue in force.

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