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Representative Type Cases

  • A young woman and two friends went to an East Coast bar/nightclub. Inside, a fight broke out among several men. The woman, while trying to get off the dance floor, was hit in the face by a thrown glass beer mug, resulting in the loss of one eye and severe facial scaring. I was asked to provide my opinions on the foreseeability of the incident and the adequacy of the club’s security.
  • A man was a patron at a saloon/dance hall in a Southwestern state. Upon leaving he became involved in a fight in the saloon's parking lot and received several serious injuries. I was asked to assess the matter and provide my opinions on the adequacy of security staffing in, and their security procedures as they related to the parking lot.
  • A man and several friends went to a "gentleman’s club" in a Southern state. At the entrance, words were exchanged with another group. Later, inside the club, a fight started between the two groups and the man was stabbed several times. He died immediately outside the club entrance. I was asked to assess the facts and provide my opinions on security staffing and measures, and on the forseeability of such an incident.
  • A young man was drinking at a restaurant/bar in Honolulu, Hawaii and, intoxicated, became involved in an altercation with another patron. As security was escorting him out, he fell down a flight of stairs (he later asserted the security officer/bouncer had thrown him down). He suffereed severe back and neck injuries. I was asked to assess and provide my opinions on the facility's security policies and procedures, plus the security officer's training, and his actions in this case.
  • Security "bouncers" at a leased bar (located in the front portion of a Midwest motel) escorted a bar patron who was involved in an altercation out the bar's front door and left him standing in the motel's parking lot. Another bar patron, who had not been involved in the altercation, rushed out a minute or two later and hit the first man resulting in severe brain injuries. I was asked to assess any responsibility of the motel and the action(s) of its security officer, and provide my opinions.
  • A small club in a Midwest state utilized two security men to screen arriving patrons and, using a metal detector,  search them for weapons. A man and two friends went to the club for a "college night." Inside, the man's friends became involved in an altercation with several other men and the friends were ejected. Inside the club a short time later, the plaintiff was shot in the stomach by an unknown person, resulting in the loss of part of his stomach. I was asked to assess and opine on the club's security, especially its weapons screening.

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