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Certified Protection Professional


International Association of Professional Security Consultants


Certified Security Consultant

About Ralph Witherspoon

 Ralph WitherspoonRalph Witherspoon's professional background includes more than 22 years of practical, hands-on, corporate-level security work with a highly diversified Fortune 100 company. His experience there included all phases of security and loss prevention, including criminal investigations and prosecutions; risk assessments and physical security plans, plus security programs for facilities and premises ranging from retail stores to manufacturing plants, motel and restaurant chains (including associated bars and lounges), low- and high-rise office buildings, and much more.

In 1990 Ralph started Witherspoon Security Consulting, an independent, non-product affiliated security consultancy, advising a wide variety of businesses, plus government and private non-profit organizations, on various security issues and matters.

Ralph has consulted to well over 300 with plaintiff and defense attorneys throughout the United States who were handling lawsuits involving premises security liability for crimes such as assault, murder, rape and robbery, also known as "negligent or inadequate security" cases.  While he has an extensive security background in many areas, currently Ralph concentrates on handling litigation cases involving the hospitality industry -bars, taverns, lounges  and nightclubs (includiing adult entertainment clubs), plus any associated parking.


Ralph has been qualified and has testified as an expert on various aspects of security in numerous state and Federal courts. In 2007 a United States District Court held that the Forensic Methodology Ralph uses to retrospectively assess premises liability cases was “reliable” under FRE 702 and the Supreme Court's rubric in Daubert and Kuhmo Tire.


Ralph was designated on 1985, after written examination by the American Society for Industrial Security (the world's largest security professional organization with over 30,000 members), as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP), denoting Board Certification in Security Management. His re-certification every three years attests to Ralph's continued practical and academic mastery of the body of security and loss prevention knowledge. He has also been designated, after written examination by the International Association of Professional Security Consultants, as a Certified Security Consultant (CSC).


Previously Ralph served part-time for a number of years on the Adjunct Faculty of a Cleveland-area college. Ralph has also served as an elected officer and served multiple terms on the Board of Directors of the IAPSC, a professional organization representing independent security and loss prevention consultants.


THIS PROFILE IS NOT FOR DISCLOSURE OR DESIGNATION USE. To request a full CV, please contact Ralph Witherspoon at 440-779-3803.

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